• 0.9

Heroku Maven Plugin (for continuous delivery/integration)

The plugin automates deployment of Java JAR/WAR/EAR applications to Heroku. This is the workflow we encourage you to use:

  1. Maven compiles, tests, checks, and packages an app into WAR/JAR file;
  2. maven-deploy-plugin deploys it into repository;
  3. jcabi-heroku-maven-plugin clones Heroku Git repo into ./target/heroku directory;
  4. pom.xml and settings.xml are being generated in the local Git repo, using data from the Maven project and configured settings;
  5. Procfile is being copied from plugin configuration into the local Git repo;
  6. jcabi-heroku-maven-plugin commits and pushes changes to Heroku;
  7. Heroku runs mvn clean test install and WAR/JAR file is being downloaded by maven-dependency-plugin into the root directory of the application;
  8. Heroku runs the application as specified in Procfile;
  9. jcabi-heroku-maven-plugin reports the app status and fails the build if it's not OK.

Pay attention to this feature: preboot.

This plugin is used to deploy www.s3auth.com to Heroku, and you can see how it's done in their pom.xml.

See Usage page.